The California Homebuilding Foundation is the leading grant funding source for housing policy and affordability studies in California. Funding that provides well-timed analysis and data-driven research to strengthen policy and advancement for policymakers, specialists, and building advocates in addressing with urgency the various, layered crises of housing affordability and inequities, while formulating strategies for sustaining affordable homes and communities in California.

The California Homebuilding Foundation’s has awarded over $3.5 million in grants since 1978 and has become a primary source of funding key industry research findings in support of California’s new homebuilding’s problematic challenges.

Application Process: Grant applications are reviewed by the California Homebuilding Foundation, Board of Trustee Research Committee. If, after an initial screening, the Foundation determines that it has sufficient interest to warrant further consideration, the applicant will be so advised, and additional information may be sought.

Before starting a grant application please read through the Research Grant Guidelines to have a thorough understanding of the grant process and application requirements.

Access Valuable New Home Construction And Employment Research Projects

The California Homebuilding Foundation has funded hundreds of research projects, large and small. Research funded through the Foundation assists in educating lawmakers and the public about the economic benefits of new home construction – a crucial step in meeting the state’s need for housing.

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